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Rental Procedures

Contact: Walea Constantinau, Film Commissioner, Honolulu Film Office
Phone: 808 768-6108, Fax: 808 768-6102, email:

General Equipment Rental Information
The Honolulu Film Office is the central coordinating agency for the film industry to utilize city equipment. An Equipment Rental Form, which can be used for any city agency, is available to request and approve rental requests. The form has, as an attachment, General Provisions. When an applicant signs the Rental Form, they are agreeing to the attached provision.

Procedure for Completing a City Equipment Rental Form
For new requests, fax the Equipment Rental Form to the Honolulu Film Office at 808 768-6102. The film office will review the application and route it to the appropriate agency. The film office will initiate contact between the authorized city agency representative and the production company representative.

For on-going projects, once contact has been initiated:

1. Fill out the one-page Equipment Rental Form
2. Fax to the Agency and the Film Office
3. Mail the hard copy with the requestor's original signature to the film office at:

     Honolulu Film Office
     530 S. King Street, Rm 306
     Honolulu, HI 96813

4. The Agency reviews and approves the fax request. The Agency may contact the production company if there are questions or concerns about the request.

5. Once approved, the Agency faxes the Equipment Rental Form to the production company and the film office.

Equipment Rental fees are determined by the individual city agencies and departments. A detailed list is available from the film office and/or agency.