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Using This Website
Find locations, resources and the help you need. 
This site is dedicated to providing detailed information to film professionals.

The island of O‘ahu, which is the City & County of Honolulu, has become the production center of the tropics. Beyond the universally tropical locations which have attracted producers and directors for decades, Honolulu has developed a film infrastructure of exceptional strength. 

This site will show you an astonishing array of  location possibilities, many of them in panorama formats. They can be organized to create custom location files, complete with notes, then printed for presentation.
It will also link you to resources, provide you with the necessary forms and applications, connect you with the Honolulu Film Office who help facilitate your project, and provide you with information you need to start turning a script into reality

Using this site will help you understand how projects of great diversity in scope and subject were attracted here, from documentaries and blockbusters to television series and indi films.