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General Provisions

These general provisions are part of the Film Industry Equipment Rental Form. When you sign the one--page, faxable rental form available from the menu on the left, you are  agreeing to all of the provisions listed below.

Film Industry Equipment Rental Agreement General Provisions

These Equipment Rental General Provisions ("General Provisions") shall apply to the  transaction between the City and County of Honolulu ("City") and the person or entity  ("Lessee") who is leasing personal property from the City. These General Provisions  shall be incorporated by reference into the Film Industry Equipment Rental Agreement  ("Agreement") executed by the City and the Lessee named in the Agreement and shall be  a part of the Agreement. The execution of the Agreement by the Lessee and the City shall  be the Lessee's and the City's acknowledgement of these General Provisions and shall  constitute the Lessee's and the City's agreement to perform all of the obligations stated in  the General Provisions.

The City and the Lessee, in consideration of the mutual promises stated below, agree as  follows:

1. Lease: The City leases to the Lessee and the Lessee accepts from the City the  equipment listed on the Agreement ("Equipment"). The Lessee immediately shall mail or  deliver the agreement with its original signature to the City. The City and Lessee agree  that the facsimile or FAX signatures of the person executing the Agreement shall be  sufficient evidence of the execution of the Agreement if the Agreement with the original  signature is not available.

2. Term: The Equipment will be leased commencing and terminating on the dates  stated in the Agreement. The Equipment will be delivered to the Lessee by the City at the  location where the Equipment is normally held, subject to its being available on the dates  stated and subject to its being recalled by the City in good faith at any time in its sole and  absolute discretion. If the Equipment is not available on the dates stated or if the City  recalls the Equipment, the City will not be liable to pay the Lessee for any loss or  expense incurred by the Lessee caused by the unavailability or recall of the Equipment.

3. Rent: The Lessee will pay the City in advance rent ("Rent") for the use of the  Equipment as stated in the Agreement.

4. Security Deposit: The City may require payment of a security deposit ("Security  Deposit") which the Lessee will pay the City in advance in the amount stated in the  Agreement. The Security Deposit may be expended by the City without the consent of  the Lessee to pay the cost to repair damage to the Equipment, the cost to replace  Equipment which is lost or destroyed, and the Rent. No part of the Security Deposit may  be expended by the City if the damage or loss is caused by the City. Any amount of the  Security Deposit which is expended by the City shall be reimbursed by the Lessee  immediately after the City notifies the Lessee of an expenditure.

5. Use: The Lessee shall use the Equipment only in a safe manner which will not  injure any person or damage real or personal property. The Lessee shall not use the  Equipment in a manner that it will be damaged or destroyed. The Lessee shall not modify  or repair the Equipment. The City may impose other restrictions on the use of the  Equipment which shall be stated in the Agreement. The City may inspect the Equipment  at any time that it deems necessary.

6. Return: The Lessee shall return the Equipment to the City at the termination of  this lease on the date stated in the Agreement, or on the date that this lease is terminated  for any other reason, without any action by the City and in the same condition as it was  when delivered to the Lessee, undamaged and in good working order. The Lessee shall  pay the cost to repair any damage to the Equipment of any nature immediately after the  City notifies the Lessee of an expenditure.

7. Indemnity: The Lessee shall indemnify the City, its officers, employees,  contractors and agents, and shall hold them harmless, and shall defend them, individually  and in their official capacities, from all claims of liability for damages made by any  person or entity for death, personal injury, or injury to real or personal property,  including attorneys' reasonable fees and costs, arising from or connected with the  Lessee's use of the Equipment and its performance of its obligations stated in this  instrument.

8. Insurance: the Lessee shall maintain the following insurance:

a. Commercial General Liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000  each occurrence and general aggregate, covering liability arising from premises,  operations, independent contractors, products-completed operations, personal injury and  advertising injury,a nd liability assumed under an insured contract.

b. If this Agreement includes the lease of any motor vehicles, including motorcycles  and 3-wheeled vehicles, Lessee shall maintain business auto liability (including no-fault  coverage) with limits of not less than $1,000,000 each accident. Such insurance shall  cover liability arising out of any auto, including non-owned or hired vehicles. The policy  shall be endorsed to provide contractual liability coverage and

All policies required hereunder shall be primary coverage with respect to all insureds and  that any insurance (or self-insurance) carried by the City shall be excess and non- contributing; and shall name the City as an insured under each respective policy.

9. Possession: The Lessee shall not deliver, sublease, or assign the Equipment or any  interest in it or in this Agreement to any person or entity.

10. Remedies: If the Lessee fails to perform any of its obligations stated in this  instrument and in the Agreement, the City may exercise any remedy available to it in law  or in equity including, without limiting or prejudicing any other remedy available to the  City, terminating this Agreement without notice to the Lessee and taking immediate  possession of the Equipment and making a claim for damage or destruction of the  Equipment.

11.Miscellaneous Provisions:

a. Integration. This instrument contains all of the provisions of the agreement  between the parties pertaining to the subject matter stated in paragraph 1., above. Each  party acknowledges that no person or entity made any oral or written representation on  which it has relied to enter into the agreement stated in this instrument which is not  included as a provision in it.

b. Amendment. The provisions of this instrument may be amended only by each  party executing a subsequent written instrument which states each parties' agreement to  the amendment.

c. Authorization. Each party warrants to each other party that the individuals  executing this instrument on their behalf are authorized to do so.

d. Counterparts. This instrument may be executed by the parties in counterparts. The  counterparts executed by the parties named in this instrument and properly  acknowledged, if necessary, taken together, shall constitute a single instrument.

e. Binding Effect. Upon its execution by each party, this instrument shall  become binding and enforceable according to its provisions. If more than one party is  obligated to perform an act by any provisions stated in this instrument, those parties shall  be jointly and severally liable and obligated for the performance of those acts. The rights  and obligations of each party named in this instrument shall bind and inure to the benefit  of that party, the respective heirs, personal representatives, successors, and assigns of that  party.

f. Survival. Any representation and warranty stated in this instrument made  by a party shall survive the termination of the agreement stated in this instrument, unless  otherwise specifically stated.

g. Assignment. Neither the entire agreement which is stated in this  instrument nor any interest in it may be assigned by any party for any purpose.

h. Consent; Subsequent Agreement. If a subsequent consent or agreement  required of any party by the provisions of this instrument is requested by a party, it shall  no be unreasonably withheld by the party to whom the request is made.

i. Force Majeure. If any party is prevented from performing its obligations  stated in this instrument by any event not within the reasonable control of that party,  including, but not limited to an act of God, public enemy, or war, fire, an act or failure to  act of a government entity (except on the part of the City), unavailability of materials, or  actions by or against labor unions, it shall not be in default in the performance of its  obligations stated in this instrument. PROVIDED, HOWEVER, any party delayed by  such an event shall request an extension of time to perform its obligations stated in this  instrument by notifying the party to which it is obligated within ten days following the  event. If the notified party agrees that the event was the cause of the delay, the time to  perform the obligations stated in this instrument shall be extended by the number of days  of delay caused by the event. If the required notice is not given by the delayed party, no  time extension shall be granted.

j. Notice: Any notice required or permitted by the provisions of this  instrument to be given by a party to any other party, shall be written and either shall be  delivered personally or mailed postage prepaid by certified mail, return receipt requested,  to each other party at the address and to the person designated by each party, stated in the  Agreement.

k. Severability. If any provision stated in this instrument subsequently is  determined to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, that determination shall not affect the  validity, legality, or enforceability of the remaining provisions stated in this instrument  unless that effect is made impossible by the absence of the omitted provision.

l. No drafter. No party shall be deemed to have drafted this instrument. No  provision stated in this instrument shall be construed against any party as its drafter.

m. Applicable Law. The provisions of this instrument shall be interpreted in  accordance with the law of the State of Hawaii as that law is construed and amended  from time to time.

n. Defined Terms. Certain terms where they initially are used in this  instrument are set off by quotations marks enclosed in parentheses and subsequently are  capitalized. Those designated terms shall have the same meaning throughout this  instrument, unless otherwise specifically stated or clearly inappropriate in the context.

o. Gender; Number. In this instrument, the use of any gender shall include all  genders and the use of any number in reference to nouns and pronouns shall include the  singular or plural, as the context dictates.

p. Paragraph Titles. The titles of provisions stated in this instrument are  included only for the convenience of the parties. They shall not be considered in the  construction and interpretation of the provisions stated in this instrument.

APPROVED AS TO FORM AND LEGALITY BY THE DEPARTMENT OF THE  CORPORATION COUNSEL, CITY AND COUNTY OF HONOLULU del: 3/25/97;  film industry equipment rental agreement general provisions